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Forum FAQ

What is the Real Paganism Forum?

The Real Paganism Forum is a Free online forum stored on Yahoo servers for practitioners of all forms of Pagan spirituality. Members are able to post messages, upload self-pictures and other pictures relevent to the forum, post helpful links in our links page (please no spamming), and chat in our free chat room with other members. The primary language used at this forum is English.

Who is allowed to join?

EVERYONE! Everyone who is a practitioner of a Pagan religion or spirituality, that is. Beginners with serious questions are also welcome. Obtaining a Yahoo I.D. so that you may participate in all Yahoo forums such as this one is completely free, fast, and easy to do.

This forum specializes in all forms of Paganism past and present. Anyone devoted to learning more about how pagan religions really used to be practiced (rather than the false history propagated by inaccurate sources) and how they can be practiced once again to suit our current time period are very welcome and encouraged to join. Topics may range from traditional Witchcraft, Druidry (as much as can be known about it), Asatru, Shamanism, Greek, Kemetic (Egyptian), Native practices, and more!

It's a Pagan forum, folks. That's a pretty wide catagory.

We'd like to hear from others who also view Paganism as a rich and valid path toward spiritual development - not just a mere set of morals and ethics to live by. Certainly those beliefs and conduct standards are important for their own sake, but when devoid of any spiritual life-enriching experiences they tend to degenerate into nothing more than the same old fundamentalist Christianity with a new label. Religion is something that should be Experienced - Personally and Directly. Not something that is dictated through secondhand sources and followed dogmatically without question. We're not here to delude or brainwash ourselves, we're here to explore the possibilities for experiencing our connection to the Earth and cosmos in a personal way. Come in and share with us your own experiences and practices! We'd love to hear from you!


Special Note: This is NOT a forum for role-playing games. If you're mentally living in a fantasy novel and believe yourself to be the high priest of some Tolkien or D&D based cult society then please move on elsewhere. This forum is not for you. You'll probably get more from taking your medications than you will from talking with us.


What are acceptable topics for discussion in this Forum?

Anything pertaining to Paganism in all its forms (Neo-Pagan as well as Traditionalist) or related Pagan practices around the world. Topics can be serious or humorous.

What types of Behavior are Acceptable?

The type of behavior that is encouraged at this forum is an attitude of tolerance and respect toward other members. We try to address and attack the ISSUE being discussed, NOT an individual personally if at all possible. Obviously with so many different types of people in the world it's unlikely that everyone will get along or agree, but by maintaining a respectful and open-minded attitude, we'll all at least have a chance to understand the other person's point of view and be tolerant of it even though we may never agree with it.

The use of profanity is never a problem here and all words are accepted. This isn't a childrens' forum.

What types of Behavior are Unacceptable?

Intentionally insulting or verbally abusing other members in an unprovoked manner is unacceptable. Egocentric power-hungry and/or status-seeking jerks are NOT welcome here and will be deleted. Such individuals ruin the atmosphere for everyone, drive members away, and therefore will not be tolerated.

Joining for the sole purpose of spamming your website link and then leaving again is NOT acceptable and is extremely poor internet etiquette. Any inconsiderate spamming activity such as that may result in termination of your membership to this forum. At the very least your spammed post will certainly be deleted.

Of course, discrimination based on race, sex, and sexual orientation etc. is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

Founder's Message

With the above information in mind, I invite all serious practitioners, students, and seekers of Pagan spiritualities to join us and freely discuss your thoughts, ideas, theories, methods, practices, history and anything else you'd like to discuss on the topic in our primarily positive and open environment. I've learned much about other people and cultures through my interaction in forums such as this during the past couple years, and I think you can too. I've also met a few very good friends and look forward to meeting more.








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